Greensburg's Main Street Memories

North Main Street
City of Greensburg

Adventure Travel
Barclay-Westmoreland Trust Company
Charles A. Burkart Plumbing and Heating
Citizens Bank (former location at 1 North Main Street)
Commercial Bank and Trust Company
Eva D. Goble Beauty Shop
Gongaware-Long, Inc.
Greensburg Beauty Academy
Greensburg Messenger Service
Harry C. Wright and Sons Jewelers
Hi-Boy Restaurant
Hoffman's Drug Company
Howard Jewelers, Inc.
Huba's Atlantic Service Station
Isaly Dairy Company
J. W. Myers Texaco Service Station
John's Bargain Store
Joseph Thomas Flower Shop (moved to South Main Street)
Kae-Mar Beauty School, Inc.
Kaufmann's Women's
Kess Electric Company
Lee's Restaurant
Loughran's Pharmacy
Mellon Bank (later Citizens Bank)
Mike Casario Barber Shop
Modern Tea Room
Morris Ramsay Surveyors
Morry's Men's Shop
O. P. O. Men's Furnishings
Ohringer's Furniture
Red and White Food Markets, Inc.
Sears, Roebuck and Company (moved to Davis Center)
Signal Finance Corporation
Towne Bake Shop
Vaccare's Rexall Pharmacy (now operating as Vaccare's Pharmacy)
Vincent H. Potthoff Barber Shop
Weightman's Surgical Appliances
Winter's Beauty Salon

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