Greensburg's Main Street Memories

South Pennsylvania Avenue
City of Greensburg

Advance Heating and Plumbing Company
Anne's Newsstand
Davis Candies
Davis Furniture
E. B. McColly and Son Monuments
Esquire Barber Shop
Frank's Jewelers
Gatling's Auto Stores
Grand-Elliott's Wallpaper and Paint Store
Greensburg One Hour Valet
Greensburg Photo Supply Company, Inc.
Health Kitchen Health Foods
Interiors by Phillips
James B. Poteste Barber Shop
Juvenile Shoe Shop
Lou's Shoe Repair
Mancuso's House of Leather
Mantell Tailoring
Marshall's Confectionery
Mid-State Discount Store
Midge's Coffee Shop
The Nut Shop
Personalized Colors (moved to South Main Street)
Quaker Stores Dry Cleaners
Ruth Marie's Beauty Shop
Smelko's Market
Sun Carpet Salon
Sun Tile and Paint Center
Westmoreland Music House Organs and Pianos
The Woodshed

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